Personalized Real Estate Management


We offer our clients exclusive personalized investment opportunities in unique real estate assets, in other words, a real estate investment tailored to the demands and needs of each client, providing real estate value to each of the assets managed and of course maximizing their value.

In addition, our wide experience in the property sector enables us to offer high added value services and Wealth Optimization to all our clients, whether foreign or national investors.



Chalet in el Albir

Sold via Iconic Living

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Lagasca property

Sold via Iconic Living

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Villanueva property

Sold via Iconic Living

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What we do

Iconic Living SL refers to a business alliance that brings together international experience in the real estate, financial and legal services sectors, backed by the extensive skills and professional know-how of the companies which belong to it.





Forecast for the real estate market in 2017

The BBVA Research project, which conducted a Spanish real estate market analysis by quarters in 2016, predicted a strengthening of the housing demand that will have a favorable effect on the real estate market in 2017. We note that the real estate sector in Spain reflects an increase of 10% in

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Madrid, city of a thousand faces

Madrid, city of a thousand faces, ideal for art fans, nature freaks, concert-goers, opera-lovers, sports enthusiasts, theater-goers, foodies and lovers of the great outdoors, this is an ideal hub for cosmopolitan people of a sociable and comfort-seeking nature.

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